Principal investigator

Dr. Justin Dirrenberger

Dr. Justin Dirrenberger is Associate Professor in the department of Materials Science & Engineering at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.

Justin obtained his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering at the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris in 2012, where he developed computational homogenisation methods for determining the effective properties of architectured materials. After joining CNAM in 2013, he started focusing on the development of metallic architectured materials for structural applications. In 2015, he co-founded XtreeE, a startup company dealing with the integration of advanced digital processes in architectural design and construction. He defended his Habilitation in 2018.

Post-graduate researchers

Kéliane Mégret

Kéliane is currently pursuing his PhD at Cnam on the design of multistable compliant mechanisms for automotive applications. He graduated from Phelma-Grenoble INP. He is co-supervised by Stéphane Viollet (Aix-Marseille University) and Justin Dirrenberger at PIMM. This PhD project is funded by Stellantis under a CIFRE contract.

Joey Tallon

Joey is currently doing a joint PhD between Cnam and RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) under the auspices of the H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020 REDI program (grant agreement No 101034328). His research focuses on the design of hybrid architectured lattice materials for energy dissipation. Joey graduated from University of New Brunswick. He is co-supervised by Andrey Molotnikov (RMIT) and Justin Dirrenberger at PIMM.

Pierre-Louis Pichard

Pierre-Louis is currently pursuing his PhD at Université Bretagne-Sud under the supervision of Antoine Le Duigou, Laurent Maheo and Justin Dirrenberger. He graduated from EEIGM. His work deals with the bioinspired design of architectured materials for ballistic applications in lunar environment. This work is part of the MoonComp project funded by ESA and Institut Carnot ARTS.

Rachel Azulay

Rachel is currently pursuing her PhD at Arts & Métiers on the computational design of architectured materials with tailored instabilities. She is a graduate from Arts & Métiers. Her PhD scholarship is funded through the ANR MAX-OASIS project (ANR-19-CE08-0005). Rachel is co-supervised by Christelle Combescure at MSME and IRDL, and Justin Dirrenberger at PIMM.

Antoine-Emmanuel Viard

Antoine-Emmanuel is currently pursuing a PhD at Arts & Métiers on the control of material instabilities through architecture in superelastic lattices, within the ANR-funded ALMARIS collaborative research project (ANR-16-CE08-0001). He graduated from ENS Paris-Saclay. He is co-supervised by Justin Dirrenberger at PIMM and Samuel Forest at Centre des Matériaux (Ecole des Mines de Paris).

 Visiting scholars

Dr. Andrey Molotnikov

Dr. Molotnikov visited us for the 2nd time in February 2017. He is currently associate professor at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

Prof. Francesco dell’Isola

Prof. dell’Isola visited the group in November 2016. He is a full professor of mechanics at La Sapienza, University of Roma, in Italy.

Past members

  • Dr. Zhige Wang (PG, 2019-2022, now a research engineer at Saint-Gobain)
  • Killian Soyez (MS, 2021, now grad student at Ecole des Ponts)
  • Roxane Toumi (PG, 2020-2022)
  • Dr. Frédéric Albertini (MS, PG, 2017-2021, now postdoctoral researcher at CentraleSupélec)
  • Flavien Ghiglione (MS, 2020, now grad student at MINES-ParisTech)
  • Dr. Federica Ongaro (PR, 2017-2019, now research assistant at Università di Trento)
  • Dr. Romain Duballet (PG, 2015-2019, now lead scientist at XtreeE)
  • Théophile Catois (MS, 2019)
  • Dr. Pierre Lapouge (PR, 2017-2019, now a research engineer at Arts & Métiers)
  • Dr. Shaobo Yang (PG, 2015-2018, now working in China)
  • Dr. Noushin Torabian (PG, 2014-2017, now research engineer at ArcelorMittal R&D)
  • Niki Nouri (UG, 2017, now research assistant at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  • Alexandre Gaultier (PG, 2016, now engineer at EVEA)
  • Regina Mutz (MS, 2016, now quality engineer at Innovative Sensor Technology AG)
  • Dr. Antonios Choleridis (MS, 2015, now research engineer at ArcelorMittal R&D)
  • Paul Defiez (UG, 2015, now industrialization engineer at Worldline Global)
  • Dr. Sébastien Turcaud (PR, 2015, now project leader at La Voûte Nubienne)
  • Yoann Angilella (MS, 2014, now LCA analyst at Carrier)
  • Guillaume Langlet (MS, 2014, now consultant at teamsquare)
  • Lucas Callen (MS, 2014, now an engineer in the field of construction)
  • Dr. Patrick Moll (UG, 2014, now product engineer at Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH)
  • Matthieu Berteaux (UG, 2014, now consultant at Accenture)
  • Christoph Hellmann (UG, 2014, now research group leader at Fraunhofer IPA)
  • Jaqueline Oliveira Gouveia (UG, 2014, now engineer at AGP Group)
  • Nadja Gaudillière (UG, 2014, now grad student at ENSA Paris-Malaquais)
  • Nanjunda S. Velu (UG, 2014, now grad student at Université de Lyon)

UG = Undergraduate intern
MS = Master’s student
PG = Post-graduate student, i.e. PhD candidate
PR = Post-doctoral researcher