New paper published in CMAME

Our new paper titled Isogeometric shape optimization of smoothed petal auxetic cmamestructures via computational periodic homogenization was just published in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. The aim of this research is to develop and apply isogeometric analysis to the shape optimization of 2D auxetic lattice materials. This work was lead by Zhen-Pei Wang, currently an associate researcher in the group of Prof. Leong Hien Poh at National University of Singapore. This is a collaboration between NUS, Mines-ParisTech, and our group in Paris.

On the figure hereafter, subfigure a depicts 3 different cases of shape optimization with a radius of curvature constraint; subfigure b shows the polar plot of the effective in-plane Poisson ratio; subfigure c is a plot of the convergence of negative Poisson’s ratio with respect to the iteration steps of the optimization scheme.


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