New paper published in Automation in Construction

autoconOur new paper titled Classification of building systems for concrete 3D printing was just published in the journal Automation in Construction. Congratulations to Romain Duballet who has been working on a classification method for building systems making use of large-scale additive manufacturing. Our aim with this paper is to set a nomenclature and classification system that will be hopefully be adopted by the scientific community in the large-scale additive manufacturing field. The classification we propose also allows to determine the minimal robotic complexity necessary for a given application. Romain is also a founding member of XtreeE, a startup company specialised in developing large-scale 3D printing equipment.

Specific parameters are highlighted – concerning scale, environment, support, and assembly strategies – and a classification method is introduced in the paper. The objective is to explicitly characterise construction systems based on 3D printing processes. A cartography of the different approaches and subsequent robotic complexity is proposed. The state of the art gathered from the literature is mapped thanks to this classification. Here is a depiction of the variations associated with the external support parameter:


More for information, please consult the paper.

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